Now that it’s 2019, an obvious question everyone’s asking themselves is, “What’s going to trend this year?” Here are the new fashion trends in 2019.

Color: Watch for Tie-Dye and Neon

Everyone will be surprised at the recurrence of this 70s print in 2019. Yes, tie-dying is back with a bang. It does seem to come back every two decades or so, but it’s slightly different every time. This year, it’ll be a lot chicer. Choose a subtle blend or a non-so-subtle two-piece – the choice is yours.

Another trend you (literally) can’t miss where color goes is neon. Admittedly, this one is not for the faint of heart. If you love drama and standing out in a crowd, the cold, lifeless winter is the best time for this vibrant, zesty hue. Bright orange, neon green, flashy pink – even better, all three at once!

Accessories: Huge Hats and Jewelry

The motto of 2019 – if you’ve got it, flaunt it. This goes double for accessories. As far as hats go, gigantic brims were in last year as well, so if you were aware of the trend, keep yours.

Boy Shorts

This year loose is in – and thankfully so for the 35+ crowd. Boyish, loose shorts reaching to just above the knee will be all the range this spring and summer.

Shoes: Flats and…Wellington Boots?

We are really, really looking forward to spending the upcoming summer in fancy, yet oh so comfy flats. However, experts forecast summer weather that’s just as unpredictable as last, so pack a pair of boots with your flats. Life’s not perfect.


Sequins have never been “out” TBH, but it’s gotten to the point where they just can’t be ignored. Sequined wear will range from blinding glitz to gentle, yet lustrous beaded styles.