How Pornography Affects Fashion Styles

Nowadays, a fashion advert doesn’t seem effective unless it lingers at the edge of pornography. The models pose with open or pouted mouths, eyes half closed as if in a trance. The goal is to show a state of arousal. Sometimes they lie on their backs with legs splayed. And they don’t shy off at exposing acres of flesh: All hair free after hours of airbrushing using photoshop or other editors. In the end, we have a perfect photo of the perfect dame, gleaming like the bodywork of a sleek sports car or a Latina on nudevista.

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How to Become a Fashion Designer

Becoming a fashion designer is the dream of many young women and quite a few young men. The first and most important step: Practice To develop the skills needed to create a piece of clothing from an idea to the finished product, you need to practice in the real world....

New Fashion Trends for 2019

Now that it’s 2019, an obvious question everyone’s asking themselves is, “What’s going to trend this year?” Here are the new fashion trends in 2019. Color: Watch for Tie-Dye and Neon Everyone will be surprised at the recurrence of this 70s print in 2019. Yes,...